Sufficing to the extended anticipations of iPhone fans and enthusiasts, Apple Inc. finally unveiled the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at the official Steve Jobs auditorium in California. The event saw an unexpected attendance of potential buyers, reviewers and media personnel as the company also released the much rumored iPhone X as a tribute to ten years of iPhone’s existence.

The iPhone 8 comes as an expected update to its seventh iteration which brings along its plus variant as well. However, it was an unorthodox move from this tech giant as they skipped the production of 7S or 7S+ this time.

This decision, however, received backing from renowned tech geeks contemplating the lack of technologies on offer with iPhone 7. This eighth iPhone embellishes several design tweaks starting from a complete glass contour to a vertically aligned rear shooter. However, what stood out as the highlight of this release is the introduction of wireless charging for the first time.

Speaking with delight, a high placed official of Apple Inc. was heard saying, “iPhone 8’s glass back came as an effort to eliminate this flagship from the anomalies of wired charging. Possessing rapid charging capabilities and adhering to Qi standards, your flagship will receive a 75% refill within 20 minutes.”

This wireless Qi dock finds itself placed under the iPhone 8 plus as well with the exception of a larger surface. However, this plus model will not be fortunate enough to receive pure fast charging capabilities owing to a bigger battery pack. A full charge will consume close to 80 minutes on this gizmo.

On the contrary, 8 plus surpasses its sibling with a dual camera arrangement. Drawing direct design inspirations from its seventh iteration, this iPhone sports a couple of 12 megapixel shooters. While one will embellish a 28 mm wide angle lens, the other will come as a 56 mm telephoto variant. Digital zooming capabilities remain similar to iPhone 7 while portrait mode is claimed to receive enhancements with the bokeh effect.

However, the lack of dual cameras on the iPhone 8 receives a wave of disappointment from enthusiasts. When asked for feedback, a loyal Apple customer along with others expressed their grief. “We expected a dual camera this time in every iPhone variant. The first look of this iPhone did impress us, but a dual camera was on the cards.”

Talks of first look further brought in intricacies of Apple’s design specifications. Reviewers claimed the design to bring back traditional touches of iPhone 3 with the rear of iPhone 6s. In the words of Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, the design comes as a tributary blend of heritage and finesse. Though, it received mixed reactions from both enthusiasts and media personnel on its first launch.

Internal up-gradations, on the other hand, garnered significant praises from reviewers. Apple’s decision to trim down its variants to the 64 GB and 256 GB iterations was welcomed with applauses. A bionic A11 chip has made its way to the heart of these devices complemented by SoC six core processors and a 30% improvement on overall GPU performance.

Improvements also come in the form of a full HD display broadcasting at 1080p while pixel density stands at 441ppi for both models. While the iPhone 8 will be available starting at $699, the iPhone 8 plus will incur a price tag of $849.

However, what became the show stopper at the Steve Jobs auditorium is the iPhone X. Released to commemorate a decade of iPhone’s presence in the industry; it brought the first bezel less display from Apple. The device also removed Apple’s iconic home button embracing face recognition as its new security standard.

A happy customer amazed by the elimination of the home button said, “I can’t believe Apple has finally done away with that circular button. However, the new styling on the iPhone X is not bad either. Looking to get my hands on it soon.”

In fact, Apple claimed a lot of firsts with the iPhone X or iPhone 10 as people prefer calling it. Being the first stainless steel phone of its kind helped the device receive substantial attention from media personnel present at the launch event. It is also the debutant device from Apple to remove IPS LCD screens and embrace AMOLED technologies.

While detailing on the standards, a company official stated that with a 5.8 inch AMOLED display, this iPhone is truly a revolution in the history of smartphones. It will set a benchmark that will surely take some time to be overcast by another device.

Another significant inclusion which caught everyone’s eyes is the addition of augmented reality or AR games. While this looks to redefine gaming in a different manner, some experts are speaking against the notion. Justifying their review, they claimed that such high resolution gaming forced the inclusion of an overclocked CPU and impeccably powerful GPU.

This device brings on further highlights with a true depth front facing camera. Apple demonstrated this front camera as a platform to contemplate its 51 point infrared detection technologies. This infrared detection beam comprises of iPhone X’s face detection capabilities.

Continuing the string of Apple’s firsts, this device also became the first smartphone to cross the $1,000 price bracket. Even the European market will witness approximate MRP of EUR 1,400 on the Apple iPhone X. While it came as a surprise or shock to most fans, sources claim some have already started making advanced bookings for the same.

Considering market releases, the phone is already available for pre-orders. The Asian market, on the other hand, will see the iPhone trio on their lands from November 3. However, customers worldwide have raised the prevalent questions of steep import duty levied on every Apple device. They expect that this trend will see its termination with the new iPhones.

However, considering the feedback from media personnel and reviewers at the official launch event in California, the iPhone flagship trio is expected to encounter substantial responses from Apple enthusiasts worldwide. Only time will tell, how these three handsets stand up to the test and competition of this flagship laden market.