It’s some Android time now! Like every year, this year’s major update from Google is ‘Android 7 Nougat’, their latest version of mobile operating system. The name has been inspired by the theme of the dessert. While Google had already released the Developer Preview version long before on 9th March, it is expected to release finally on August, this very month.

All new Android 7 Nougat to be released on August

Android 7.0 Nougat is a thoroughly refined update of tablet and mobile operating system of Google. The company held an opinion poll for suggestions of a dessert name starting with ‘N’ for this next version of Android 7.0. And ‘Nougat’ was finalized.

Some of the features are available in the Mobile App Developer’s Preview version like ‘near-final’ system images, new Sustained Performance mode for long-running Mobile applications. Users can potentially get Allo and Duo, new messaging apps of Google and the most exciting Easter Egg game. The rest will only come with the final consumer version. However, existing features have also been further optimized.

As reports say, the final release of Android 7.0 Nougat would initially be limited to Nexus devices. Only over the next six months or so, it will make its way towards devices of other manufacturers.