If anyone was ever under the impression that the Windows Phone platform is on its way out, then the company has something in store for them to change their mind. The Windows 10 Mobile operating system is the latest release from Microsoft that aims to change the smartphone experience as well as the industry that only focuses on the rapid advancement. With some of the most top-notch security features contained in its arsenal, Windows 10 Mobile sure offers to be a lot more than people had originally hoped out of windows.


How companies are shifting from BlackBerry to Windows Mobile

As you already might know how BlackBerry reigns supreme in the corporate world, the recent shift in tied points towards the popularity of Windows Mobile taking precedence over BlackBerry devices. Some of the reasons for this change in mobile platforms are the following:

  1. Windows Mobile offers a heavy dose of customizable features that are both fun to look at and easy to control, due to the use of live tiles. It offers a great amount of flexibility as well as animated overview of various features that is absent in BlackBerry devices.
  2. Microsoft just made an entry to the digital assistant feature, after Siri by Apple and Google now by Google made waves in the market. Now, scheduling appointments, sending and writing emails, getting directions, and tracking news is easier than ever before.
  3. Some universal apps that come preloaded are Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and others that lend a great amount of productivity without even to go through the hassles of custom downloads.
  4. OneDrive is Microsoft’s reply to Google Drive and iCloud that boasts of seamless access through computers, tablets and mobile phones. Using this, one can upload their all-important documents, photos, and other types of files in a safe and secure location.


Security Features

Some popular security features that makes your Windows 10 Mobile such an attractive package are:

  • secure remote access
  • easy unlock gesture with credential access
  • automated data protection that is integrated
  • credentials dependent on two-factor authentication
  • Per-application VPN that deters infections of malware
  • Azure AD integration
  • quicker updates and auto patching
  • Isolation and secret isolation (LSASS)
  • new biometrics support
  • signing improvements application set to only trusted apps
  • theft, breach and anti-fishing credentials


Where does Windows 10 Mobile OS stand against iOS and Android

One of the main reasons that make Windows 10 Mobile OS available over iOS and Android counterparts is its advanced security measures that come as default. When we start to operate a Windows phone, it becomes apparent in no time that Microsoft takes its security very seriously. While Android might offer more customizability for it being an open source platform, it certainly lacks the solid security measures that are provided with every Windows phone.

Apart from security, the global giants are known for their regular updates that make their phones better with every successive update. With a very user-friendly interface and reliability that is close to unmatched, Windows 10 Mobile holds great promises for being the next big OS in the market.