The LEAP App

The LEAP App was developed for the Leal Elementary Arts Program (LEAP), a part of the Leal Elementary School in Cerritos, California. LEAP is a renowned non-profit and charitable organisation that promotes Visual and Performing Arts standards. The LEAP App offers after school classes schedule, registration, and newsletters. In addition, the App has a ‘Today’ [...]

Apple Watch App

The ‘Recipe’ Apple Watch App is a simple to use and user intuitive App. It enables the user create and save healthy choices by entering healthy cooking recipes on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Compatible with all iPhone sets and available at the iTunes, this app is designed to stay healthy by choosing healthy recipes. [...]

GPS Field Worker Locator

This Android based App tracks employee locations on a Map using GPS locations. This App is developed for organizations where employees are on the field such as sales personnel, technicians, delivery person, etc.,

Cryptic Message

Cryptic Message was designed and developed by WadyBug. The App works on iPhone and iPad. It uses RC4 encryption algorithm for privacy and enables text messages to be encrypted and decrypted. The advantage of using this App is that it allows the user to send/receive encrypted messages and have safety and security while sending confidential [...]